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MTM – Marketing Tip Monday – Web Marketing:

MTM - Web Marketing: Choose your primary keyword for each page of your website, and focus on optimizing that page for that word. Too many keywords will confuse search engines while they work to determine what each page is about.

MTM – Marketing Tip Monday: Referrals

MTM - Multi-channel Local Marketing: Referrals: Customers are more likely to trust you if their peers say they can. Cultivate positive reviews and referrals to attract new customers at minimal cost.

Marketing Tip Monday: 1-to-1 Marketing: Keep It Exciting

MTM: 1-to-1 Marketing: Keep it exciting. You did the work to get visitors to their PURLs, so once they’re on the site, keep their interest. One great technique is to avoid using “submit” button. Instead use verbiage that reminds your prospects why they took the time to visit their PURL:

Marketing Tip Monday – One-to-One Marketing: It is best to use a PURL

MTM - One-to-One Marketing: It is best to use a PURL in a direct marketing campaign when you have a good customer or prospect data with which to work, have clearly identified who your target markets are and can set campaign objectives, such as: Improve customer retention Generate more qualified leads Clean or enhance current…