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Marketing Tip Monday – One-to-One Marketing: Do test mailings

MTM – One-to-One Marketing: Do test mailings. Divide your mailing list in half, and test how a personalized version performs against a standard message. Be sure to keep all else equal (i.e. offer, call to action, response mechanisms), so that you are comparing apples to apples.

Letterhead – Save 10% – Blog Special

Letterhead- This week only (5/2/16-5/6/16) you can order your letterhead for a discount! Mention the coupon code and Save 10% on your order.  Bonus Coupon: Coupon Code BS10LH  

Marketing Tip Monday – Event Marketing: Build in measurement

MTM – Event Marketing: Build in measurement. According to a recent survey by Event Marketers Institute, 70% say they measured their event’s success by the amount of traffic; 67% looked at qualified leads and 59% tracked sales increases. Know how you’re going to determine the return on your investment.